About Us

Liv's hair butter was created in 2014 for my daughter Livia Skye(pictured above).  She was born with a head full of hair that after a couple months needed to be moisturized.  As I searched through hair products for children and adults I noticed they all contain ingredients that I wasn't comfortable putting in my own hair let alone hers.  So I decided to create my own. After a lot of research, trials and many errors I came up with Liv's Secret Hair butter. Something that the whole family can use. Many of our male supporters use our product on their hair and beards to give it a great shine and promote healthy growth.  All of us at Liv's Secret hair butter appreciate you checking us out.  We know this product will give you great results.  If you want ideas on how to incorporate our product into your hair regimen visit our Hair Care Forum page.


Thank you for your support!